Advertiser Solutions


Our native ad executions include custom sponsorships, advertorials and blogging programs designed to integrate your message into the content of websites and blogs.

Our in-stream and video advertorial units provide you with a variety of solutions to deliver your video messages at massive scale.

Our social offerings allow you to interact with highly engaged communities on a variety of social media platforms, and our social enabled display units can amplify your social media efforts though content distribution and viral sharing.

Our mobile offerings are designed to provide you with the most compelling mobile advertising solutions, and include a full suite of mobile rich media ad units.

Our owned and operated destination sites – MomIQ, Ella Daily and Giant Realm -provide advertisers with advertorial, brand integration, and customized advertising opportunities.

Multi-platform Solutions

Rich Media

Deliver your message to independent web audiences creatively and at massive scale with our extensive showcase of eye-catching rich media and display units

Social Media

Get social – we foster authentic conversations about your brand with independent web audiences across blogs and platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Online Video

Display your short-form and long-form online video ads alongside premium, relevant Burst TV content.


Go mobile – we offer standard MMA units and rich media optimized for iOS and Andrioid smartphones and tablets.